In for a Penny Productions


In for a Penny Productions is a portal site with links to other websites of husband and wife team Marilyn Fenn and Terry Dyke.

Marilyn is a life-long fine artist who creates oil, acrylic and encaustic paintings. She shows and sells her paintings online and at exhibits locally and across the country.

Marilyn is also a freelance web designer, graphic designer, and technical illustrator. Occasionally she also consults in the area of home decor.

Terry is a long-time rocker who also writes songs. Some of Terry's lyrics, MP3's and RealAudio files are available at his website linked here.

Terry is also a certified webmaster, database developer, and writer, and he has recently finished writing his first novel.

Together, Marilyn and Terry combine their talents to create beautiful web designs with user-friendly navigation, and thoughtful, creative solutions to complex design problems. They have created a number of award-winning websites for other artists and musicians, and for small businesses, organizations and associations.

Marilyn and Terry live in a 1937 vintage house in one of the best neighborhoods in central Austin. They love to ride their bikes around town, engage in deep and thoughtful discussions, and travel around the world (when possible). Some travel photos and a travel blog are included at the links to the left.